You are welcome to Casa Florinda.

Ola! (Galego)  
Hola! (Español)
Bonjour! (Français)  

First of all we would like to introduce ourselves: we are Lidia and Pedro, a couple that 15 years ago found a beautiful stone –ruined– house at a wonderful village called Pedre; at the heart of Galicia (Northwest Spain). We liked that house so much that we decided to buy it, reform it and turn it into a Rural Guest House. 

So, step by step, here we are a decade later sharing a piece of our lives –this house– with lots of people, trying to show you the beauty of Pedre as well as our land: Terra de Montes (the Land of the Mountains). Something we think achieved, according to the good things you tell us. Thus we are so proud and delighted of what we do that we hope to keep going this experience for a long time. 

Finally, we would like to invite you to our house, Casa Florinda, to meet ourselves in person. With great pleasure we will welcome you. 

Regards, Lidia and Pedro.